Children beg for money at a temple in Cambodia. 

Back in 2012, I started working with a photography company called The Giving Lens. The idea behind The Giving Lens was bold; run an international photography workshop to teach aspiring photographers, but while on the ground, work with a local non profit organization to help bring awareness to their causes.

On our initial trip, I found my walking the dusty old streets of a little known village called Orapesso with a large number of children from The Picaflor House, a local NGO whose mission is to keep underprivileged children off the streets and in school by providing additional school subjects like English, as well as creative programs, such as dance and photography. As I walked through the village, holding the hands of children as we crossed the cobblestone streets, I took photos of street scene after street scene while teaching my young apprentices. There are no tourists in Oropesa. Just you and the residents, who still live in the same houses that their great grandparents built with their hands. I instantly fell in love with this new found photography addictions of traveling, documenting, and giving back in the process.

A man walks outside of a Mosque in Old Delhi, India. 

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan is an incredible site at night, when it is illuminated by candlelight. 

A group of children sit on their boat outside of their home in a floating village on the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia.

A merchant outside of a narrow ally way in Al-Salt, Jordan.

The sacred temple of Angor Wat lights up in front of an early morning Cambodian sunrise. 

A boy shows he can write his ABC's at a school in India.

A bird flies overhead, as the Taj Mahal in India lights up in the early morning as tourist clamor for a better view.